4 Tips for "Killer" Content

4 Tips for "Killer" Content

Before we get into how to set-up your organization’s social media page, it seems important to have a few tips on how to ensure you have Killer Content from the get go.  Hand Drawing Content Flow Chart

Every organization, regardless of size, must have a central message.

If you take nothing out of the remainder of this article, please remember this. You and your closest leaders/members/advisers have to get together and on paper, come up with a central message of what your organization is saying. Everything you create, whether it’s a blog post or the yearly budget analysis must be derived from this document. People know if your messaging is consistent and trust me, they will stop listening if they know every time they hear from you they are getting a different message.

Everything your organization is producing should have a value to your core membership.

Regardless if you are religious organization, nonprofit group or small business you must have the interest of your members/customers at heart.  They joined your organization because they believe in your core principles or purchased your product.  So you want to make sure that all your communication is giving them value on their “investment.” Regardless if its coupons for future purchases, informational blogs about religious teachings or pictures of your latest service project, ask yourself…Is this something our members will value?

 Is this something you or your followers REALLY want to read?

Its great if your latest blog article or Facebook post is part of your overall messaging and has the principles of your members as its priority. But if reading your stuff has the appeal of watching grass grow or paint dry, then it doesn’t matter how coordinated your content is.  Give readers a picture, maybe an interesting quote, a humorous quip, links to other information. People will never read your info again if you are consistently giving them a 21 page dissertation on the finer points of transcendental theology.  The appeal of Facebook, Twitter and the Internet, is quick, interesting content they can digest in just a couple of minutes and then move on to the next thing.  Post should be enjoyable, informative and have a definitive beginning and end.

Your content should have a schedule

One of the easiest ways to get people to stop reading your stuff or to ignore your page is to not be dependable about content.  Small organizations may only be able to post things a couple of times a week, but larger organizations can post multiple things per day.  Content creation is a NECESSITY and requires someone to focus energy upon it.  Regardless of the size of your group, organization or church you need to develop a schedule for content.  Maybe its only Wednesday and Fridays or maybe its M-F at 8am and 3pm, whatever it is, make it consistent.  In a later post we will discuss content schedules and how to create one that works for you.

(Content written by Nick James, AdminIsMinistry Social Media Guru)

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