Our vision, Our mission, Our goal

Our vision, Our mission, Our goal

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How is Admin Is Ministry different? We are pastors, just like you. We are lay leaders, just like you. We have been there and are still there. We encounter these administrative ministry issues every day, just like you. And just like you, we hope to learn, grow and serve the Church to the best of our ability.

Ways we can live out our values and our mission:

1. Work with churches (especially small congregations with limited staff) to help them obtain administrative stability.
2. Write articles based on experience and knowledge that are accessible and up to date to help inform and transform the work of church administrators.
3. Focus on the three primary areas of: Pastor as Administrator, Technology Management and Organizational Systems. The three areas that we find in most need of support in congregations.
4. Resource congregations through seminars, educational events and networking to have access to administrative knowledge.

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