Sunday Sabbath: One Hour, Just One

A Spiritual Practice for Administrators…

Pick an hour today.Ikepod-Hourglass-6
Pick an hour to turn everything off.
It is an uncertain proposition, I know.
Turn everything off to let yourself know that you are not in charge of the world.
Turn everything off to trust that the mission of the church can continue without you, just for an hour.

Phones, computers, social media, dings, alerts, alarms, radios, televisions, and any noise. Silence is something that has to be intention in our busy, loud world. Dare to take an hour as a Sabbath from immediate connection, noisy bombardment of information and the constant need to do something.

“Practicing silence is an act of faith precisely because one cannot know for certain that anything is to be gained from it.”

(If you really need something “to do” during this time, print and read this short article on silence. Silence – Ignatian Spirituality)

You will be a better administrator and a better disciple because of practices like this.

I promise. No, wait, not me… God promises.

(Written by Rev. Micah James, CCA)

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