Sunday Sabbath: A Prayer for Youth Sunday

A prayer for today…

Today is Youth Sunday at the congregation that I serve. As pastor and administrator, I lift these young leaders up in prayer. 


Holy God,

What a great responsibility you have given us to encourage, mentor and guide the next generation. Help us to boldly speak the truth and courageous support them in all their steps.

Forgive us when we think that they are the “leaders of tomorrow” because that is certainly not the case. Even the prophets told us that a “little child will lead us” so help us to recognize these youth as the leaders of today.

We give thanks for their creativity and energy, O God. Help it to be contagious as we explore what it means to be the church in this new day.

Bless them. Bless their families. Bless their journeys and draw them ever closer to you.


(Written by Rev. Micah James, CCA)

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