Sunday Sabbath 4/12/15

A prayer for today…


Giver of Abundant Joy,

We come this morning, our hearts still pounding from our Easter encounter.

We haven’t caught our breath from running through the town proclaiming the miracle of the resurrection.

Our gathering today is a testimony to our longing to participate in the Kingdom work that you have sparked. We don’t fully understand the details of your plan, but we long to be a part of “thy Kingdom come.”

We confess that though we can still feel the excitement in our bones, the “status quo” of before is beginning to creep back into our lives. Defend our hearts, keep our focus on you, and give us strength to pave new paths of life.

Holy God, fill us with inextinguishable joy. A joy that pierces the shadows of this world so that people are drawn to its source, You.

With joyful hearts focused on you, we pause to offer prayers of thanks, petition and confession….

Place a smile on our faces and confidence in our hearts as we join together to pray the prayer that Christ taught us… (The Lord’s Prayer)


(Written by Rev. Micah James, CCA)

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